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View Resource Furniture City Special
Furniture City Special

Steam-powered freight train departing Chicago. Running between Chicago and Grand Rapids, Michigan, and on the railroad named after the 17th century French priest-explorer, Pere Marquette, the train is shown here leaving Chicago at noon on September 4, 1929. The train is "double-headed," with two locomotives, numbers 721 and 720. Noteworthy also are the temporary wooden piling for the tracks...

View Resource Stewardess-Nurse on the North Coast Limited (editor's title)
Stewardess-nurse of the Northern Pacific

Stewardess-nurse posing with the round-end observation car of the North Coast Limited. To promote passenger comfort in the post-war era, the Northern Pacific Railway employed a registered nurse as stewardess aboard its premier Chicago-Seattle train. The North Coast Limited ran from 1900 until the creation of Amtrak in 1971.

View Resource Experimental New Haven Passenger Train (editor's title)
New Haven's Roger Williams RDC train

During the short presidential tenure of Patrick McGinnis (4/1954-1/1956), the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad tried a variety of experimental passenger trains to help its flagging passenger business. The train pictured here was Roger Williams (named for the founder of Rhode Island), a six-unit rail diesel car (RDC) set built by the Budd Company in 1956. The train consisted of two end...

View Resource Workers Icing The Texas Special (editor's title)
Workers icing the dining car of The Texas Special

Documentary photo showing workers tossing blocks of ice up to the roof of the dining car on the Texas Special passenger train in the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad's Sloan Yard in San Antonio, Texas. All the other cars of this streamliner have "steam jet" air conditioning. The car is named for the hero of San Antonio's historic Alamo, Sam Houston.

View Resource Porters on the Liberty Limited (editor's title)
Group photo of porters and conductor

The porters and conductor of Pennsylvania Railroad's Liberty Limited pose with the observation car of their train in 1949. The white jackets and black pants were the standard Pullman uniforms of the era. Note the crew's ethnicity: only the conductor (on the right) appears to be white, while most of the porters are African American. It was common railroad practice of the period for most service...

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