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View Resource BLE Engineer G. A. Olovich (editor's title)
BLE engineer G. A. Olovich

Photograph of G. A. Olovich, a Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers member in Sheridan, Wyoming, in a Burlington Northern locomotive cab. It was taken for an article in the BLE newspaper of January 5, 1979. The coal reserves of the Powder River Basin in southern Montana and northern Wyoming have made Sheridan an exceptionally busy railroad town. The reserves are said to be the largest in the...

View Resource Cheyenne's Busy Roundhouse (editor's title)
UP Roundhouse at Cheyenne WY  May 1928

Cheyenne, Wyoming, was an important location on the Union Pacific because of heavy grades to the west over Sherman Hiill. The grades required helper locomotives to get the trains over the hill, and that meant an extensive roundhouse. The tenders stick out of the roundhouse. Rows of wheel sets are lined up in back the the "speeder flats" in the foreground. The frame in the upper left carries...

View Resource Hiram R. McCullough Residence (editor's title)
Lake Forest house

William Henry Jackson, the famed photographer of the West, made pictures on the Chicago & North Western in 1898 and occasionally honored executives' requests for pictures of their houses. This one is of the large dwelling of Hiram R. McCullough at 600 E. Westminister St., Lake Forest, Illinois. The negative is damaged. Jackson very successfully adapted his skill as a photographer of natural...

View Resource Maine Two-Foot Gauge Locomotive (editor's title)
Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes locomotive no. 23

Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes locomotive no. 23 was photographed on August 14, 1936, just before it was scrapped. The railroad, formed by a merger in 1908, became the largest Maine two-foot system with more than 120 miles of track and twenty locomotives. It operated until 1935.

View Resource Loading Coal at West Decker (editor's title)
On the loading loop at West Decker a Sheridan train of empties is loaded at the steady rate of 1/2 mph.

Burlington Northern locomotive 5522 is on the loading loop at West Decker where empty cars are loaded with coal at the steady rate of 1/2 mph. Trains can be seen at the right and left. They serve the Power River mining district of southern Montana and Northern Wyoming, said to be largest coal district in the United States. The photograph appeared in the "Locomotive Engineer" of the BLE in January...

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