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View Resource BLE Engineer G. A. Olovich (editor's title)
BLE engineer G. A. Olovich

Photograph of G. A. Olovich, a Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers member in Sheridan, Wyoming, in a Burlington Northern locomotive cab. It was taken for an article in the BLE newspaper of January 5, 1979. The coal reserves of the Powder River Basin in southern Montana and northern Wyoming have made Sheridan an exceptionally busy railroad town. The reserves are said to be the largest in the...

View Resource Where Did All the Trains Go?
Old lady in LA

Photograph showing an older female passenger inside Los Angeles Union Station in 1979. The woman's contemplative look led to the photographer's title for the image, "Where did all the trains go?" The question was apt in 1979, as the number of trains serving the station had been steadily declining for decades. As of 2008, however, the station sees nearly 400 daily departures as a hub for Amtrak...

View Resource Southern Pacific "Potato Train" at Dusk, 1985 (editor's title)
SP's Potato Train

Southern Pacific freight train switching out empty Pacific Fruit Express cars at Edison, California, at dusk on June 21, 1985. On the following day, the train will deliver the empty cars to the potato packing shed at Arvin for loading. The deep crimson sky is the result of lingering ash from the El Chichon volcano in Mexico, which had erupted over three years earlier on March 28, 1982. At the...

View Resource Southern Pacific Conductor at Klamath Falls, Oregon, 1989 (editor's title)
Dick Gibson

Southern Pacific conductor Dick Gibson at Klamath Falls, Oregon, on June 21, 1989. Gibson is just coming off duty from a freight train and wears a broad grin. The photographer made the portrait for the Southern Pacific Bulletin, SP's company magazine.

View Resource Southern Pacific Intermodal Train Passing Mount Shasta (editor's title)
SP and Mt. Shasta

Southern Pacific intermodal train Emerald City approaching Mount Shasta in northern California, September 12, 1985. The train ran between Seattle (its namesake) and Los Angeles carrying fast freight in truck trailers. The swirling cloud at the summit gives Mount Shasta the appearance of an active volcano, although its most recent eruption was 1786. The Southern Pacific Railroad used this image on...

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