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View Resource Inside Southern Pacific's Cascade Club (editor's title)
Cascade Club car interior

Builder's photo showing the interior around the bar and lounge area of Southern Pacific's Cascade Club. The Cascade Club was a triple-unit articulated diner and lounge used on the SP's New Cascade service between San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon. Pullman-Standard built the car in 1949, which stretched 203 feet and 10 inches over the couplers. Unit 10283 contained the kitchen and...

View Resource Cardinal Bonzano, a Sleeping Car on the Cardinals Train (editor's title)
Sleeping car for the Cardinals Train

Builder's photo showing the sleeping car "Cardinal Bonzano" for the Cardinal's Train. This car was the former Sunderland, a 10-compartment car renamed for Cardinal Bonzano, Papel Legate for the XXVIII International Eucharistic Congress in Chicago. For more information and a view of the entire train, see record 1273.

View Resource Seaboard Air Line Mail and Express Car (editor's title)
SAL Mail-Express car #75

Builder's record photograph of Seaboard Air Line Mail-Express car #75. The left half of the car carried U.S. Mail, while the right half carried parcels for Southern Express. Passenger trains regularly carried baggage, mail and express packages into the 1960s. This car was lettered for the Atlanta Special, a premium passenger train that ran between Washington, D.C., and Atlanta.

View Resource Long Island Rail Road Bilevel Commuter Car (editor's title)
Long Island commuter car

Builder's photo showing the exterior, side view of a Long Island Railroad bi-level commuter car. The car was an early example of bilevel passenger cars used on commuter trains. The design increased capacity while reducing the overall weight per passenger. Bi-level cars on the Long Island conformed to very compact dimensions, as they had to fit through the tight confines of the New York tunnels...

View Resource Bridal Suite in Sleeping Car "Gladiolus" (editor's title)
Bridal suite in sleeping car

1898 builder's photo of the bridal suite of the "Gladiolus," a sleeping car on the Pennsylvania Railroad's luxurious, New York-Chicago passenger train, the Pennsylvania Limited. This ornate bridal suite was a favorite among honeymooning newlyweds, who traveled by train around the turn of the 20th century. The suite featured white woodwork, leaded glass, gilt ornamentation, and velvet draperies...

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